Friday, December 30, 2011

Wine Crate Shelf / DIY

Happy New Year!  Why not start 2012 off with an easy DIY'er?

Materials required:  A *wooden wine crate ~ a freebie!  I got mine from my niece, Brittney ~ the restaurant where she works was happy to unload some of these.  

*Stain of your choice.  I used Minwax Wood Finish stain and sealer ~ Provincial 211.

*Foam brush and paper towel.  After dusting the wine crate down, I applied light coats of stain with a foam brush then removed any excess stain with a paper towel.

After the stain dried, I sealed the shelf with ~

Minwax<sup>®</sup> Polycrylic<sup>®</sup> Protective Finish

Almost ready for hanging ~ I couldn't wait!

Lastly, I attached "D" rings to the back of the crate, so I could hang it on the wall. 

I hung the wine crate shelf up high ~ just because.  Read more about the Anthropologie inspired dresser here.  I'll soon be helping my son set up his apartment and we've talked about creating several of the wine crate shelves for his place.  Maybe we'll use one in his bath (above the toilet for storage), his living room (stacking several together to form a "bookcase") or in his kitchen (to be used as a spice rack/dish shelf).  So many possibilities ~ it should be fun.  :)  

I'm hoping your 2012 is the happiest and healthiest year ever for you and your loved ones.  I'm off to cook some blackeyed peas! 


  1. LIKE! Oh, wait, that's Facebook lingo. I think I will try this in the home office I am redecorating. Happy New Year, Dana!

  2. Thanks for including all of the ingredients for a great display! XO!

  3. Annie ~ I'm happy for you to "LIKE" it anywhere you want. :) I think it would be splendid in a home office (and super easy too). Happy New Year to you too! XO

  4. Thank you Kelley! Loved dreamstorming with you today! XO

  5. I just ADORE reading your blog - you have such great ideas!! I have several projects bookmarked for the New Year...

  6. Thank you Anna-Marie! I'm glad to know you are enjoying Tattered Style. I hopped over to your sight and am inspired by all the good info. you share. Thank you!!!

    Let me know how your projects turn out.

    :) Dana

  7. Where can I find wine crate?

  8. Hi Yan ~ I got mine from my niece, who got it from the restaurant where she works. My suggestion would be to check with some local restaurants that serve wine ~ they should have an abundance of crates. Hopefully, they will be happy to give them to you (better than going in the garbage) or they might charge you a nominal fee. Hope this helps! Thanks for stopping by Tattered Style. :)


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