Friday, April 29, 2011

Vintage Classroom Door ~ School Daze

Vintage classroom doors like this one conjure up images in my head of years spent in elementary school.  It seems like a lifetime ago and then again it seems like only yesterday. The sights and sounds and smells of William B. Travis Elementary come flooding back to me ~ an era of time when life seemed slower and so less complicated.  

Originally the adjoining room to our kitchen was the den/family room and there wasn't a partition between the two.  When the boys were younger they would have sleepovers and would always end up camping out in the den.  Nat and I would usually wake up early ~ and the caffeine would be calling our name (mine was of the hot chocolate variety).  We would tippy-toe around the kitchen, hoping not to wake the kiddos ~ and selfishly hoping to have a few quiet minutes before the hungry brood would awaken.  Invariably, we would clink something together and our moments of solitude were no more.


We finally decided we needed to install some type of partition for a little privacy ~ but we wanted something that wouldn't completely block the room off.  We toyed around with many options.  My first choice, a pocket door, was going to run $1000.00 ~ we decided to look further.  That's where the vintage door enters the picture.  One day I was treasure seeking and came across this wonderful old classroom door at Lots of Furniture.  It was love at first sight and it only set me back $45.00 ~ a sweet deal!  

My hubby and I installed the door using a barn door track system that we purchased from Elliott's Hardware.  The guys there are always so helpful in assisting with projects.  

I also attached an inexpensive garage door handle to the door (I didn't bother to patch the holes from the previous handle ~ I think they add character).

My favorite features:  1. The original room number ~ Room 316 (my elementary school had only one floor, I'm supposing this one had three :) AND ~ 2. The wire mesh glass.  

The room adjacent to the kitchen is no longer our den/family room ~ I have a habit of flip-flopping rooms, so now it's our dining room.  And though this room probably won't see anymore sleepovers, I left the classroom door intact.  It fits the space so perfectly and I couldn't bear to take it down.  Besides, periodically it causes me to reminisce about those school daze gone by ~ smile.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Cozy Space

As much inclimate weather as we've been having in Texas the last few days, the more and more I long to retreat in my little home.  And there's nothing better on a rainy day, than to cozy up with a good book in your favorite easy chair.  This is one of the most desirable chairs in our home and has been a faithful companion for many years ~ indeed, it has more than it's share of wear and tear to prove it.  Hopefully, someday soon, I will take captive some time and will sew it a lovely new slipcover.  For now, it is content to sport a vintage bedspread that I picked up at a local thrift store.  I tossed the spread over the chair and gingerly tucked it in like you would a child you were putting to bed.  Probably the chair's most endearing feature is it's roominess ~ there's adequate space for me to curl up and fold my feet underneath me. 

This inviting resting spot has long been in need of a good reading lamp to accompany it.  I really wanted to locate something that had a measure of character to it.  I finally discovered this old industrial floor light ~ although uncertain of it's original purpose, I knew he was destined to come home with me.   

He seemed quite lost and alone at a flea market I recently visited.  Obviously overlooked, I was happy to rescue him from his flea market plight and told him he needn't feel so insecure and unimportant any longer.  All it took to bring him up to speed was a little soap and water and some new wiring.  Thanks to my hubby, who took some time to help me out with this little project ~ together we performed electrical surgery (it was really quite simple ~ not nearly as daunting a task as it sounds). 

Besides an adequate reading light, what would any decent and self-respecting easy chair be without a good read?  My current escape is ~  Pale and Interesting by Atlanta Bartlett and Dave Coote.  It has wonderful images and photography ~ I lose myself in it's pages.  

As much as I have longed to cozy up these last few days, life has had a way of interrupting my idyllic scenario ~ no worries ~ it's a nice way to end the day as well.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Tattered Style ~ Penny's Way

This is Penny ~ our recently adopted American Bulldog.  I introduced her in a previous post.

She's acting rather coy here ~ she's been engaging in quite a lot of mischievous behavior lately.

Don't let those innocent eyes deceive you.

She's eating our house.

She's eating the inside ~ the door frame that has my sons' growth chart on it ~ not a good thing Penny!

She's eating the outside ~ the door trim ~ window trim and shrubs.

She ate Gavin's hat ~ the one he got in Paris ~ his only souvenir from our trip ~ note the Penny hair all over it.  It had Penny slobber on it too ~

I contemplated giving her back ~ then realized she epitomizes Tattered Style to a tee ~ and she makes certain nothing in our house is perfect.  Good thing this came to mind or Penny's days in our household would be numbered.  :)

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bathroom Makeover ~ Before and After

Hall Bath ~ After

This bathroom was sorely in need of updating when we first purchased our present home.  I couldn't bear to share the "before" photo first ~ but if you dare, scroll down and you can see for yourself how dated, dark and dingy this bath was when we took ownership.  The proof is in the pudding ~ it was enough to frighten any potential buyer away.

The makeover list for the hall bath was long.  It began with removal of carpet (seriously ~ in a bathroom ~ never a good idea ~ especially with three boys in the house).  We scraped popcorn ceilings, stripped wallpaper and then retextured the ceiling and the walls.  We sanded down cabinets. then primed and painted everything with fresh coats of paint.  New tile flooring was laid as well as new tile for the bath surround.  Most recently, a new marble counter was installed along with a rectangular undermount sink (I think I'm in love with this sink).

Then on to the fun stuff ~ goodbye plastic antique brass fixtures ~ hello shiny chrome ~ always a classic!

Hardware is like jewelry to me ~ it's the crowning touch to any bath.

I added inexpensive towel bars purchased from Home Depot.  Fluffy new towels, comfy rugs and a waffle weave shower curtain all came from Homegoods.

And the final addition ~ a new beveled mirror deeply discounted (due to a hairline crack) in place of the glue-on builder's basic.  The overall bath is quite simple in design, but really what more do you need?  Clean surfaces, new hardware and fixtures along with some indulgent linens complete this bathroom makeover.

Hall Bath ~ Before (EEK!)

It was a painstaking process to transform this ugly hall bathroom ~ but the end result was well worth the effort.  I can honestly say I didn't always enjoy going into this room ~ but now it is an inviting spa-like space.

Friday, April 15, 2011


Life can be pretty crazy and hectic at times  ~ for all of us.  I don't know about you, but when my home's a mess, I feel like I'm a mess too.  It seems like here of late things are starting to creep in on me at our house ~ that means time to purge.  I'm convinced purging is one of those necessary evils in life ~ a must to maintain some semblance of order around here. :)  So, today I'm tackling some spring cleaning.  

I'm starting out in the office area and surprisingly, my first stop won't be at the Container Store (although that's a favorite stop of mine).  I like using vintage goods for organizational purposes.  And really, using finds like the ones below are extremely cost effective. 

This vintage muffin tin has so many compartments and is ideal for a drawer organizer for daily office supplies ~ thumbtacks, paper clips, rubber bands, etc.  This belonged to my neighbor's (Sally) mom and luckily I inherited it (thanks Sally).

This old butter dish lid, turned upside down, was just the right size to hold these shipping tags.  I use these all the time ~ they are my go-to gift tags.  

Old restaurant ware and ironstone strikes again!  Mugs, coffee cups and and even small bowls make useful containers to hold office supplies.

I use this small wire basket to hold various string, twine, stamps and moleskin journals.  The basket cost me a whopping twenty five cents at a yard sale.

This wire cutlery holder was a Christmas gift from Reagan ~ he purchased it at Anthropologie.  I've used it in the kitchen but now I'm going to use it for office organization.  It makes a great caddy for pens, pencils, scissors, rulers, etc.

Well, as you can see, I'm well on my way to clearing things out.  Now if I can just do something with the mess I've made everywhere else during the process of cleaning out the office!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Paris Like Day

When I'm out and about, I keep my eyes peeled for wonderful tattered treasures everywhere I go. Yesterday I made a trip to the Bishop Arts District in Dallas, to have lunch with my niece, Brittney.  This wonderful quaint area has got to be my new favorite spot ~ I think it's one of the best kept secrets in Dallas.  

Everywhere I looked reminded me of scenes from our vacation in Paris.  The sun was shining and there wasn't a cloud in the sky.  The temperature was just right ~ it was a perfect kind of day.  

We happened upon this wonderful vintage bicycle, it made you want to hop on and go for a ride.  In Paris, it seems people do most of their living outside ~ they walk or ride their bicycles ~ I'm a little envious of that.

Can you believe the seat and the basket ~ a perfect place to stash a baguette or two picked up from the local bakery ~ that's what the Parisians do ~  so much charm.

We went for lunch at Oddfellows.  This is the coffee station, located right inside the front door ~ all the fixings for the perfect cup of coffee sit on this interesting vintage metal piece.  Notice the white compote dish with sugar cubes, "One lump or two?"  How nostalgic is that?  

This is how I started my lunch yesterday.

You may wonder why I began with hot chocolate.  Have you ever had the hot chocolate at Oddfellows?  If you have, then it would be clear why I started my meal that way.  It tastes as good as it looks (notice the heart-shaped swirl of whipped cream).  The food is fabulous too!

We lingered over our lunch for a couple of hours ~ I think.  We lost track of time.  That's another thing I noticed in Paris, people take time to eat ~ and enjoy.  They enjoy the food and the company they are in.  I'm challenged to take time too ~ to enjoy the simple things in life like the Parisians do.  

Thanks for indulging me and allowing me to share my Paris like day with you.  Below is a sampling of some of the unique items I spotted at the Round Top Antiques Fair.  For newly posted photos of Round Top ~ Days 1, 2 and 3, please go to Tattered Style on Facebook to view them all.

P.S.  I hope you have a Paris Like Day today.  :)

Great old classroom maps and charts ~ aka "Awesome Art."

Friday, April 8, 2011

Sucker for Signage

It's no secret, I'm a sucker for vintage signs. When I run across a good lot, I go weak in the knees. Last week at Round Top, was no different. I fell head over heels for these vintage bus roll transit signs that are originally from the UK ~ a little deviation from your typical signage, but oh ~ so incredible!

I was so glad to meet DeWayne, the owner of Home Economics located in Grants Pass, Oregon, who carries the vintage signs. I also learned that he sells these wonderful old bus rolls on Etsy ~ find them here. DeWayne so generously shared a wealth of information about the history of the signs. I think you'll be intrigued by their story.

Before buses had digital readings of the stops they were making on their routes, the names of the stops/streets were printed on a roll of calico cloth. The bus driver would use a hand crank to roll through the various stops to display the destination.

These wonderful cloths are now used not only as art and wall hangings, but are also being used to make pillows and upholster furniture.

I can't get over this wingback chair! Find it here.

If you're not blown away yet, then check out the line of clothing DeWayne has developed using the material from the bus rolls.

I love this dress ~ find it here. What will he think of next?

Back to my story ~ Most of the bus rolls were black and white, but there was one grouping that had pops of yellow ~ so cool and colorful!

After much deliberation, (thanks Kelley, from The Hidden List, Sharon, from Bless Your Neighbor and Gretch for your patience), I made my decision.

I settled on this beauty. I've been looking for the perfect (or not so perfect) piece of "art" to go above the mantel in my living room for the past ten years ~ I think I finally landed it. :)

I think it's right at home above my fireplace mantel.

I think these vintage bus rolls have character out the wazoo and are so graphic. Someday I'll probably have mine matted and framed ~ but hey, who's complaining! Oh~ and by the way, I scored a vintage lawn chair from DeWayne at this booth. He was using it as a prop for a display and he didn't want to haul it back to Oregon ~ so he gave it to me for free! Thanks DeWayne! I'll share it's unveiling with you in the future. :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Belgium Dominoes ~ Nat brought these to me from a Brussels flea market. The scale and bowl are a local flea market find.

I like things; different things, unusual things ~ and I collect them. I guess that makes me a collector. Although, even the word can make me shudder, (have you seen the show Hoarders?). The challenge is to collect just the right amount of things without it being imposing or taking over. I like order and am a minimalist so when I collect something, I'm selective in the items I choose. A collection is defined as ~ a gathering of objects, as works of art; a quantity of anything collected together into a mass; an assemblage. Collections are art to me and I use them to accessorize a space. Here are a few of my current collections.

Bingo Cards ~ I simply can't get away from black and cream anything!

Folding Measuring Sticks ~ are functional as well as artful.

Letterpress ~ Letters ~ I love all lettering!

Letterpress ~ Numbers 0-9 ~ I love any kind of numbers!

Wine Corks ~ I label and date them so I can recall the event.

Vintage Clothes Pins ~ the yellow ware bowl was Nana's when she was a young girl.

As much as I enjoy collecting, it's not unusual for me to pass a collection on as my likes and tastes change. That leaves me with the question then, "Am I really a collector?" Maybe I'm a transitioning collector...hmmm. What are some things you are drawn to? What are some of you favorite collections?

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