Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Royal Belize ~ Our Island Experience

A short while ago, I was asked to give a design consult on a project that’s in the works for the island of Royal Belize.  It's hard to believe it's been three weeks since we were at this amazing destination. There really aren't words adequate enough to describe how beautiful, peaceful and special a place this is.

Along with my husband and a few close friends, we embarked on a fabulous four day excursion to this private luxury island.  We were loved up on and pampered by the Royal Belize team who all excelled in the area of hospitality.    

Not surprisingly, it was usually more than enough to just to slow down and be still.

Time to think, or nap or read or simply take in the beauty that surrounded us. 

Lingering around the dining table in the main palapa was an especially sweet time.

Cheryl, Kelley, me, Nate and Leighton

Besides enjoying the exquisitely prepared meals by Chef Manuel, there was uninterrupted time to just sit, hang out and catch up on life with each other.

At sunset one day, I had a turn at paddle boarding and think it might be my new favorite pastime. 

There were times we went jet skiing, scouring the ocean floor for starfish and stingrays.  One afternoon some of us went snorkeling at the second largest barrier reef in the world and were blown away by our underwater adventure.

And then there was the sunset cruise on the Weak Moment that topped the charts for all of us.

It was a lovely evening filled with lots of laughter ~ shared with old friends and new ones alike.

It was moments like this that happened continually on the island that simply took our breath away.

The week was indeed magical and was only enhanced by our island family ~ the Royal Belize team.  We're so thankful for the time we got to share with our new friends.

Thank you for letting me share our island experience with you.  I hope you can enjoy this paradise adventure too.  For more info on Royal Belize go here.  See you soon ~ have a lovely week!

Photos # 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 9, 13, 15, 17 courtesy of Leighton Eaves
Photos # 10, 11 courtesy of AurĂ©lien Gandon

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Thankful ~ In Spite of Curve Balls

Life threw us a curve ball this past weekend when my mom (who is 80) fell and broke her leg.  Witnessing her in pain at the ER was almost more than I could bear ~ I wanted to wave a magic wand and wish us out of there.  

Nonetheless, the events of the past few days reminded me all over again how I should be thankful for the most simplest things.  So I awoke this morning recognizing how my comfy bed cradled me in its squishiness and I made an extra effort to notice the crispness of the sheets and how they felt cool on my skin. 

I indulged myself with an extra long shower and was grateful for the hot stream of water that splashed on my face.  Nothing helps me wake up quicker.

Even a kitchen sink full of dirty dishes was a welcomed sight.  I'm glad my family's tummies are always full.

Later, the menial task of folding a load of laundry was especially therapeutic as I acknowledged the warmth of clean clothes straight from the dryer.

Ordinarily, the yucky mess the swallows make on our back porch would annoy me to some degree, but not today.  Instead, I'm happy to see the swallow family has returned ~ a sign of new life and new beginnings.

And last but certainly not least, I'm grateful to share Mom is on the mend.  She made it through surgery successfully and is getting better everyday!
Hoping curve balls aren't being hurled your way today ~ so thankful for you too!

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