Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Vintage Dress Form

I made a trip down to San Antonio yesterday to pick up a new found friend.  I’ve been searching for her for years and miraculously met her at Brimfield.  She was lost and lonely and I told her she could come to Dallas and live with me.  However, we had one big obstacle to overcome and that was how to get her home.  I discovered she had a fear of flying ~ and besides she couldn’t fit in my suitcase or the overhead bin.  This left me scrambling to find her transportation home.   

Just as we were beginning to lose hope, we were introduced to a fellow Texan who agreed to let her hitch a ride in exchange for a tank of gas (thanks Andy).  She didn’t complain a bit about the long trek home, in spite of the fact that she had to ride in the back of an unairconditioned trailer.  Additionally, her trip made a detour by way of San Antonio.  She faced more hardship and obstacles when she was held up in an old warehouse for the last couple of weeks.  Nat and I were able to get away to rescue her from her plight ~ just only yesterday when we drove down to pick her up. 

A photo of us when we were first introduced. 

She was weary from her travels and ecstatic to finally be en route to her final destination.  She slept all the way home and didn’t budge an inch.

She’s quite confident in herself and doesn’t attempt to hide her age, in fact she has her birth year prominently tattooed on her torso.  :)  

She is now recuperating from her many adventures and is doing her best to acclimate to her new surroundings.  I’m not certain which room she will ultimately take up residence in, but for now she is resting in the corner of my bedroom.  She’s so thankful to no longer be living her nomadic lifestyle.  I think she deserves a badge of honor for her bravery and longsuffering.  However, for now she is completely unadorned except for a few of my favorite vintage necklaces. 

I’m hoping she likes her new home and is happy to be here, as I am happy to have met my new found friend.  And seriously, she’s a really good listener, never disagrees and rarely complains.  ;)

P.S.  I’m thinking my friend needs a name ~ any suggestions? 

Friday, May 27, 2011

Orderly ~ Ahhh!

Here I go harping about orderly areas again.  What can I say, except order for me brings a sense of calm. And what better way to organize everyday essentials like makeup brushes, cotton balls and Q-tips, than to stash them in pretty little containers?

I started with a platter (you could also use a tray of some sort) to corral all the smaller containers.  This one is a favorite of mine ~ authentic crackled ironstone ~ that has aged so beautifully.  I came across it on a junking trip.

Then I assembled a group of random holders together ~ according to my particular needs and the space I had available.  I used various ironstone or restaurant ware cups, bowls and creamers that I found at flea markets or thrift stores.  These are inexpensive and still pretty easy to come by ~ each of these cost a buck or less.

Next ~ I added a Venetian Murano glass mirror that I got in Italy a few years ago.  It's a little indulgence that makes me feel pampered ~ everyone needs a little pampering every now and then ~ don't you think?  

I also placed a miniature clock on the platter  ~ to keep me on schedule or at least try to.  :)

And voila ~ a pretty little organizational spot for everyday essentials.  I'm off to spend time with family  visiting from out of town.  I would love to hear about some of your organizational tips and tricks.  I hope you have a happy weekend!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Keepsakes & Thrift Store Finds

Thrift store shopping is always an adventure for me.  Some of my favorite things have been rescued from CCA, a local stop.  I pop in as frequently as possible to see what goodies might lie in wait of rescuing.  I usually find something that has great potential if just given a second chance.

I lucked into this antique door on one of my excursions ~ it's off an old wardrobe.  I was attracted to its handle and the keyhole hardware and, after further inspection, I also discovered a mirrored door on the flip-side.  It cost a mere $18.00 ~ so there was no debate about it coming home with me.     

It leans against the wall in a corner of my bedroom ~  adorned with several sentimental family heirlooms.

The gown was Nathanael's when he was a baby ~ hand-stitched by Nana before he was born.  Nat's sister, Datha, told me their mom was bed fast due to to complications during her pregnancy and she spent weeks constructing this delicate little garment for Nat.  Datha recalled coming in from play and pouncing on the bed to chat ~ Nana would tell her to be careful so she wouldn't soil the little gown that she was making for their new baby.

I love the intricacy of all the little tucks and pleats.  There's no way you can put a price tag on something like this that Nana so lovingly created.

~ Vintage chains and necklaces ~

The cameo belonged to Nat's Aunt Jewel ~ it's one of my favorites ~ I wear it often ~ layering it with  other vintage necklaces.

Aunt Jewel's husband ~ Uncle Doyle ~ a black and white photo of him as a young man remains intact inside the cameo.

A vintage skeleton key strung on an antique chain.

The glass lamp ~ yet another CCA find ~ scooped up for a couple of bucks.  I dressed it up with a new linen shade.  A cozy little corner of my bedroom ~ made special with family keepsakes and some humble thrift store finds = instant gratification. :)

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Friday, May 20, 2011

A New Look for Tattered Style

Happy Friday!  You may have noticed Tattered Style has a new look ~  thanks to a wonderful graphic designer and friend of mine named Emma.  We've been collaborating on the new design for a few weeks now and I'm so thrilled with how it's all come to fruition.  I have to thank Emma for her patience with me and the many emails, phone calls and texts I inundated her with over the course of the weeks.
A little bit about Emma ~ she graduated from Oklahoma State with a degree in Graphic Design. And yes, while she's an unbelievably gifted graphic artist (and loves pretty things) she's also an amazing photographer and blogger ~ please make a visit over to Emmadime to see for yourself.  
Back to the bio ~ shortly after graduating college, Emma took a little break and moved to Paris for a year of inspiration and rejuvenation.  I can't think of a better getaway place ~ I love Paris!    
Here are a few pics from Emma's stay in Paris.  This is the home of a friend that Emma made a visit to one weekend.  These photos in particular are so beautiful to me and evoke the feel of tattered style.      

I love how this room is so undecorated ~ yet perfectly decorated.  Can you believe the size and character of that fireplace?  

 The dining table ~ I love the quirky seats.  

The dining table before breakfast ~ note the fresh, assortment of breads and tea.

 The dining table after breakfast ~ croissants devoured ~ sigh ~

Okay ~ enough daydreaming already!  After Emma's return home from Paris, she dove headfirst into the world of freelance graphic design and she's been busy ever since.

Not only does Emma freelance as a graphic designer, she is also one more amazing knitter.  You must check out Emmadime Knitted to see all of her knitted goodness!  

Wait ~ if you thought I was finished with all the many things Emma keeps herself busy with ~ not yet.  She also works for Rue Magazine ~ a wonderful online design magazine.  Please take a moment to peruse its pages if you haven't had the chance.  It's a feast of beautiful eye candy.  

For now, my time working with Emma has come and gone but I'm sure our paths will cross again someday.  Here is a sampling of some things Emma created for Tattered Style ~


I love my business cards.  They resemble the British bus roll I have hanging above my fireplace.  I'm also having the card printed up in the reverse design, with a black background and white lettering. The stamp is so much fun to use for stamping shipping tags (which I'll be using as business cards as well). 

Thank you Emma for all of your "heart' work and dedication on my project.  You are an amazingly gifted artist and I know your future will continue to be bright.  I'm happy to call you my friend ~ smile.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dublin Gate

Today I thought I would share one of my favorite things with you ~ this old gate that has been following us around for years.  The hubby ran across it one day while away on a business trip to, of all places, Dublin, Texas.  Some of you may not know that Dublin is the home of the oldest Dr. Pepper bottler in the world.  This is an important piece of trivia to know, especially if you are a lover of Dr. Pepper like I am.  At this plant, Dr. Pepper is still made with pure cane sugar, unlike the Dr. Pepper you buy in stores ~ and trust me, you CAN taste the difference.  

Back to my story ~ Nat passed by an old junk store on his way to an appointment and saw the gate sitting on the sidewalk outside the store.  He knew I had been searching for a salvaged gate and to my delight, on his way back from the meeting, he stopped in and picked it up as a surprise for me.  To me, there are various details about the gate that make it special and unique.   

~ The scrolly ironwork on the top of the gate ~

~ Its wonderful rusty patina and ornate, curly latch ~

The gate hangs on a wall that has been painted a soothing shade of grey ~ I think the color compliments the iron piece beautifully.  I've adorned the gate with a number of special items ~ they each have a story to tell.

One of the most meaningful collections I own is this grouping of crosses.  Nat made a mission trip to Liberia several years ago and met a gentleman who made these crosses.  They were fashioned from shell casings he had gathered off the ground following the Liberian Civil War.  It struck me as ironic that something meant for death and destruction was turned into something that represents life and hope ~ I cherish these.

I also tucked old black and white photographs on the gate.  This particular photograph is one of Nat's distant relatives ~ I hung it on the gate with old, rusty chain.

More beloved photos ~ one of my mom as a child and one of her with her mom on a shopping trip.

This one is of my dad ~ wasn't he dapper looking?  I love the plaid suit and the bow-tie he was wearing.

For now, the gate hangs in the front room leading to a hallway ~ I pass by it all the time and often stop to gaze upon its sentimental treasures. The items on the gate change periodically ~ whenever the notion strikes me.  I'm sure this gate will remain a favorite of mine for years to come.  What's one of your favorite pieces in your home? 

Friday, May 13, 2011

Brimfield Flea Market Review

~ Vintage Grain Sacks ~

It's hard to believe Brimfield has come and gone.  It was a wonderful experience to travel all the way to Massachusetts and visit one of the country's largest flea markets.  I met so many wonderful people along the way and have tucked away numerous good memories to reminisce about.    

While on the commute back home, I asked myself, "What drives people to flea markets?  I came up with several possible answers to my question.    
  1. The thrill of the hunt.
  2. The desire for a good bargain.
  3. The satisfaction of being resourceful by reusing and recycling.  
  4. The challenge to find something unique with a story and lots of character ~ something you can't find in massed produced markets.
  5. The community enjoyed and shared with people ~ not only with the vendors you meet but also fellow shoppers. 
These are but my humble opinions.  Whatever the case may be, I continue to enjoy the variety of treasures I come across while fleaing as well as the many experiences I gain from visiting various flea markets.  

Here is a sampling of some of the things I ran across that caught my eye:  

~ Double Barber Shop Sink ~

This rare double sink was originally from a barber shop in the Florida Keys.  I think it would look fantastic in a large master bathroom!

~ Vintage Folding Chairs ~

I love the muted colors of these folding chairs and also their slipcovered backs ~ each stamped with a different number.  The slips were made from painter's drop cloths.

~ Vintage Gym Locker Baskets ~

I came across these great gym locker baskets at Duchess D's.  I had a chance to meet and chat with the  owner, Debbie, who shared with me that the entire collection of baskets were snatched up by English buyers.  They were going to be shipped back to England to be resold at similar antique shows overseas. 

I recall having had similar baskets like these in our P.E. class in Jr. High and High School (okay, now I'm dating myself).  Wouldn't these make a great organizational piece?  

~ Hey Cow!!! ~

This concrete cow was amazing and was part of Duchess D's goodies as well.  He would look great outside in a garden or inside as a quirky piece of art ~ either way he is perfect!

Three of my favorite pieces were from French Curiosites.  This space had so many unique and unusual finds.  The owner was delightful and the staging and display of her wares were charming and inviting.  Many of the choice pieces were scooped up by buyers from Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, J. Crew and Land's End.  Their purchases will move on to various store locations or will be used for advertising photo shoots. 

~ Maple Sugar Molds ~

The one that got away ~ Nat and I were deliberating over this one and set it down for a mere second ~ another shopper picked it up and that was that.  Oh well, I guess it wasn't meant to be ~ sigh. 

~ French Flag Holders ~

There are round circles on strips of wood on the backs of these wooden holders.  The flagpole is then slipped through the hole to hold the flags.

~ Slotted Organizer ~

I loved this as well and was entertaining the thought of purchasing it.  I circled back around and it was gone.  The moral to that story ~ if you really are interested in something, hold onto it like a baby or it may end up going home with somebody else.

Aside from being just a plain ole good time, my trip to the Northeast also reminded me of how alike we are as people.  We may have a little different accent or may look a little differently, but we still share the same hopes and dreams for ourselves and for our loved ones.  Fleaing provides plentiful sources to find some remarkable tattered treasures, but it also provides many opportunities to make new friends as well.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Brownstone Doors

Well, here I am in Boston and I'm so excited that Brimfield has finally arrived.  I've been anticipating a trip to this flea market for quite some time.  Before heading to the hotel yesterday evening, my hubby and I made a stop at a fabulous restaurant called B&G Oysters.  Our anniversary is today, so it was nice to celebrate with a yummy dinner.  The place was recommended to us by a guy that we sat next to on the plane ~ his aunt is the chef at this renowned little spot.  Needless to say, he gave it rave reviews ~ and he was right ~ it was scrumptious!  

Afterwards, we decided to walk the neighborhood and found ourselves right smack-dab in the middle of the famed South Boston Historic District, known for its wonderful old Brownstones.  It was such a charming area.  I couldn't help but snap a few pics of some of my favorite doors to share.  It seemed fitting to give them names ~ so I did. :)  

#34 ~ Teal or Turquoise ~ 

#39 ~ Circles and Spheres ~

#8 ~ Octagonal Detail ~ 

#17 ~ Cast Stone Beauty ~

~ Ahead of the Rest ~

#11 ~ Lacquered Red Door ~ 

~ Star Light ~

~ Matthew Mahogany ~


# 7 ~ Star Bright ~

~ Filigree Loveliness ~


~ Gothic Black & Grey ~

#84 ~ Black and Blue ~

#82 ~ Lovely Blue ~

#77 ~ Leaded Glass Beauty ~


#68 ~ Arched Cast Stone ~

#2 ~ BBB ~ Blue Beadboard Babe ~

I hope you enjoyed these historic old doors.  I'm off to go fleaing ~ sigh.  I'll do my best to post some flea-bitten photos later on Tattered Style's FB page.  Be sure to look for them here.  

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