Monday, December 31, 2012

Felt Furniture Miniatures

Saturday was the first time I dared to venture out to make a few exchanges/returns and check out the sales since before Christmas.  Unlike many, I'm a bit of a wuss when it comes to shopping the after Christmas sales, no matter how great the prices.  I generally get the courage to go out a few days after the crowds have subsided and usually there's still a few stray sale items to be found.

This past weekend, I lucked into these sweet felt furniture miniatures at Anthropologie.  I loved the overall look and texture of them ~ probably because I kind of have a thing for felt these days.  They were intended to be ornaments but that's not how I envisioned using them.  I knew I could snip the gold ornament strings off and find a home for the wee chairs, so they could be used year round.  Plus, they were just too good to pass up at 50% off.


I think this menagerie of little felt chairs looks lovely parading across the Pottery Barn dish (I found it at a thrift store for $1.00) and it proves true ~ good things often do come in small packages.

As we gear up for the New Year, I'm hoping your 2013 is filled to the brim with good things.  Thanks for taking the time to stop by Tattered Style.  Be sure to like Tattered Style on Facebook ~ here or follow me on Pinterest here!  XO ~ Dana

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

***Merry Christmas***

After our family attended a candlelight service at church yesterday evening and enjoyed dinner together, we all settled in for the night.  Here's what our family will awaken to today ~ this Christmas day.  A simple but peaceful setting in our living room, is where all the activity will begin.  My sons requested a real tree this year ~ one filled with all of our sentimental ornaments that have been made or collected over the years.  It's nothing like the funky ladder tree we had last year (if you are interested, you can see it here) but it's so charming and smells so Christmassy. 

Felt stockings, I've sewn over the years, hang from the mantle.  They're nothing fancy by any means, but were made with a lot of heart and the boys are quite attached to them ~ favoring them over something I might purchase at a store.  Penny ~ our American Bulldog, still doesn't have one of her own ~ hopefully she will by next Christmas.  

We will linger here for a couple of hours ~ with Christmas music blaring (courtesy of Pandora) from a nearby room.  My favorite channel this year has been Tony Bennett ~ holiday.  It offers up a delightful mix.

And as you might suspect, there'll be lots of laughing, sharing, opening of presents, picture taking and memory making.  

When all the opening of gifts is over and done with, Nate and I will move into the kitchen to start whipping up our traditional Christmas breakfast of whole wheat, chocolate chip, peanut butter pancakes.  My mouth is watering already ~ just thinking of them slathered in butter and puddled in a plate of maple syrup.  They are so yummy ~ I most certainly should share the recipe with you someday.

Then most likely, we will sit around the table for awhile longer and reminisce about Christmases past and Nana and Papa and life as it is today.

Christmas Eve dinner with Nate, Corbin, Reagan and Gavin
It's days like this, with us all together as a family, I feel especially blessed and I'm thankful.  And I realize all over again, the most simplest things in life are often the most meaningful and treasured. 

I hope today is filled with good things for you and yours as well~ blessings and peace to you this Christmas day ~ Merry Christmas!!!  XO ~ Dana

Monday, December 17, 2012

Hope, Joy and Peace

In lieu of the fact that the last few weeks have been crazy around here (ie. a bathroom remodel, Gavin's wisdom teeth surgery, Mimi's knee replacement, a couple of weddings, sadly some funerals and Gavin's very close call last night with a severe allergic reaction) and with the most recent tragedy our nation has suffered, I'm keeping it light today. 

I decided to take a break from my day to have a cup of tea, reflect and say a prayer on my back patio. It brought me a sense of calm.  Realizing that even though life is filled with unexpected events, I find it helps to push the pause button and focus on the truly important things in life. 

During this hectic time of year, my wish for you is that you will experience hope, joy and peace throughout this Christmas season.  XO

Monday, December 3, 2012

Frosty the Snowman ~ Vintage Style

I love vintage Christmas decorations, especially unusual ones that you don't run across frequently.  So, Frosty has to be at the top of my list of favorites ~ and I do believe he has to be the coolest

My sons have concluded at times he can be creepy though.  During the Christmas holidays, with four guys in the house (all who pride themselves in being practical jokers) you just never know where Frosty might show up.  He has popped up all over the house ~ I suppose the most surprising place is behind the shower curtain.  You know when you hear a guttural yell from the other room, the joke has been a success.   

Frosty's Bio:  

Height:  Approx. 4 feet
Electrical Capability:  He lights up!
Cost:  A steal at $15.00 
Value:  Priceless ~ for the amount of joy and laughter he has and will continue to bring to our family!

P.S.  I'm working on an Advent calendar project I can't wait to share with you!  See you soon!

P.S.S.  Just got a call from the glass installer on my shower door.  There's a scratch on the glass, they are re-frabricating it today and it won't be installed until tomorrow ~ bummer.  I hope to be sharing the completed bathroom remodel sooner than later!  Read about Part I and Part II here and here.
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