Saturday, April 28, 2012

Proud Mama & Thrifted Finds of the Week

Image via ~ Kelley Chinn/Dallas Morning News
I was excited this morning to wake up to an article in the Dallas Morning News featuring my youngest son, Gavin.  I was thrilled for him when he received an inquiry from journalist, Babs Rodriquez, requesting an interview with him.  Needless to say, when the photographer came to shoot photos this proud mama was beaming.  I did my best to stay out of the way ~ all the while I was busting at the seams.  Be sure to read the entire article in the Arts & Life section of today's paper (Section E, page 4E).  If you don't carry the Dallas Morning News you can also check out the complete featured article here.  I've also spotlighted him before on Tattered Style ~ read more here

On another note, it never ceases to amaze me the diverse and funky things I find at thrift stores.  I  thought I would share my favorite thrifted finds of the week.  I have great plans for these guys in the near future. 


Okay ~ I'm pretty crazy about this Panama Jack sun care display.  I think it would be an absolute winner for towel/linen storage in a bathroom or laundry room.  But it could also most certainly act as a great spot for barware in a dining area or dishes in the kitchen as well.  Who knows where it may end up?  We'll just have to wait and see.

I think this night stand/end table's lines are the best.  A perfect example of mid-century modern style.  It may be a little rough now ~ but not for long.  A little TLC will take this little beauty to new heights.

I never tire of globes.  I'm not super keen on the color combo of this one, so I'm thinking a couple of coats of chalkboard paint will transcend this globe into another galaxy. 

That's all for today ~ hoping you might can steal away to the nearest thrift store to see what goodies you might can unearth.

P.S.  Thanks to the Dallas Morning News for giving Tattered Style a shout out too ~ be sure to check it out here.   

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Can Do Candles / DIY

Don't you just hate it when the wick of a candle burns down long before the wax is used up?  Here's a clever way to help make your favorite candle last a little while longer.  I borrowed the idea from my friend, Julie.  One evening while I was at her house, I noticed she had a candle sitting in a pan of water on the stove.  The candle had burned down to the point to where the wick was too short to light.  However, there was still leftover candle wax.  By melting the candle on the stove in a pan of warm water, the scent of the candle continued to fill the room. 

I carried Julie's idea one step further creating a "new" candle by adding purchased wick to the leftover wax.  The above candle is actually the leftover wax from three different containers of my favorite candle ~ the best candle on the planet!  Find it here.    
Below is a list of supplies needed to complete this project:

Used Candle (one with the wick burned down)
Oven Mitt
Candle Wicks
Empty Container (Clean ~ glass or metal)
Ice Cubes/Water

For example purposes, I chose to remelt a candle that Gavin (my youngest) gave me for Christmas.  This time, I only had one candle to melt down so I chose a small pewter container (I had on hand) to become the new container for my candle.

First, I filled a saucepan with water, so it came up to the middle of the candle I was wanting to melt down.  I then placed the candle in the water and turned the heat to medium high. 

As the water heated and the candle started to melt a bit, I turned the heat down to low and allowed time for the candle to melt completely.

For this project, I used candle wick I bought at Michael's ~ they come in a variety of lengths.  I opted to purchase the longest ones they had so they would work for various size candles.  

I positioned the wick so it was centered onto the bottom of the container.

Using the oven mitt, I poured the melted wax into the container.  Be's HOT!

I then placed the pewter cup into a bowl of cold water to which I added ice cubes. 

This helps speed up the process of hardening the wax (I can be a little impatient at times).

After the wax was completely hardened, I trimmed the wick back to about 1/4". 

Now there's no reason for disappointment when your favorite candle burns down.  This is a simple and easy little project you can do to assure you enjoy a candle until it's all used up.  I hope you give it a try.

On another note, thanks to for featuring one of Tattered Style's ideas.  Check it out here.  You will need to scroll through ~ it's # 9 of 13 photos (Rustic Wine Glass Holder).  I hope you have a lovely week ~ thanks for stopping by.  :)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Framed and Fabulous

This colorful oil painting was just what the doctor ordered for a client's pre-teen girl's room.   When I saw it at a thrift store I quickly snatched it up.

The frame it was in was absolutely lacking on every level.  But a good scrub, a new coat of spray paint and some funky ribbon was all it needed to bring it up to speed. 

I used Krylon Fusion in Ivy Leaf to add some flirty fun and give the painting a good dose of youthfulness.  The color ties in perfectly with the girls room I prepared this for.  I always spray the item I'm painting with several light coats of paint versus heavy coats ~ this prevents drips and paint runs. 

After the frame dried thoroughly, I decided to embellish the inset part of the frame with some funky green and white ribbon. 

I cut the ribbon to the desired lengths (cutting the ends on a 45 degree angle so they would lay nicely on the inset of the frame).  

Next, I sprayed the backside of the ribbon with 3M Super 77 Spray Adhesive.  I gave each piece of ribbon an ample coat of adhesive and waited a couple of minutes before I positioned the ribbon on the front side of the frame.

In this case, 5/8" ribbon fit the inlay perfectly.  I like the way it brings out the white in the oil painting. 

Lastly, I placed the oil painting back into the frame and attached it permanently with 4 ~ 1/4" metal offset clips.  They work like a charm. 

I screwed them into place on the frame at four points (there's no need to attach any to the back of the painting as the clips hold it securely in place where they are screwed into the frame).  

After covering the back of the painting with brown paper, I attached two screw eyes (1/3 the way down from the top side of the frame ~ on the left and ride sides) and then strung a piece of picture frame wire between the two.

For now, this painting is waiting to be installed in a young girl's room.  I'm headed over today to do just that.  Please check out my Facebook Page for upcoming photos of how the installation turns out.  I hope you have a relaxing weekend.  :)  Dana

Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Paris Find

As promised, today I'm sharing my lovely find from the Paris Flea Market (Le marche aux Puces).  It would have been a dream to come home with trunks full of treasures but this trip was more than a shopping spree.  It was also a vacation ~ a time to unwind and forget about the responsibilities of life for a few days.   So I choose to be grateful for this soulful drawing which came to take up residence in my home.  *Read more about my day at the flea here.

The drawing is an original by the artist, Francois Salvat. There is an innocence and simplicity to this drawing that captured my attention the moment I laid eyes on it.

Since returning home ~ I've done nothing more than prop my new art on the desk in my office.  I pause and look at it daily and am reminded of my lovely getaway and week to Paris with my husband and close friends.

Hoping this Easter weekend brings you much joy with those you love.

XO ~ Dana

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