Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Rearranging / Graduation Celebration

Today, I spent some time rearranging and freshening the home of a client (and new friend) Barbara. She's been busying herself; getting ready to celebrate her daughter, Leah's, graduation from high school and has been slammed with party planning details. I was happy to help her out with accessorizing and reconfiguring some of her spaces and was even more thrilled to use numerous vintage family items in the decor.

Barbara has many wonderful old family pieces.  I love the vintage school banner (above).  As you can see, I had a little helper; Willow was quite intrigued with everything that was going on.

There's so much wonderful light in Barbara's home ~ I think it made for some pretty photographs.

Hubby will be quite pleased that his Nittany Lion (crouched on the table) has a place of honor. 

The hutch is a family heirloom passed down from the homeowner's mom. The shelves were impossible to adjust so I decided to hang a fun Dallas poster inside (a gift from their son's teacher when he graduated from high school) and framed it off with a couple of antique clocks.

The building blocks are also a family treasure that has been passed down, as well as the black and white framed photograph of the old family homeplace.

It was a fun time accessorizing and arranging for such a special event.  I enjoyed myself immensely as I learned about this sweet family and heard the stories behind so many gems (I especially love the grandfather clock above).

I left happy to have been a small part of the upcoming graduation celebration.  Congratulations dear Leah ~ much love to you and your sweet family!  xo ~ dana.

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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Wine Cork Jewelry Organizer / DIY

The other day as I was getting ready to leave the house, I was hurriedly trying to untangle a necklace from my collection. Admittedly, I was frustrated and thought surely there has to be an easier way to organize these suckers. It occurred to me that a simple wine cork could be the solution to my problem.

Here's an easy DIY I came up with...

Things You Need:  

Wine Corks
2 1/2" Trim Screws
Electric Drill
Drill Press (optional)
Drill Bits

Fortunately, my son owns a drill press that I was lucky enough to borrow.  If you don't have a drill press, a handheld drill will get the job done.  I eyeballed the center of the cork and pre-drilled through each cork.

Next, I attached the corks to the wall (there was no rhyme or reason to positioning the corks; I simply arranged them randomly).  Tip:  It helps to sink the trim screw most of the way through the cork prior to attaching to the wall.  I used my cordless drill for this process and completed the project in no time.

I could have easily lined the corks up on a piece of wood trim and hung it as one unit. However, I opted to let each cork stand alone and in the process something artistic developed.  These days, I'm all about simplicity and I think this DIY project nailed it on the head! :)

I hope your day is going well.  I would love for you to come visit my feed over on Instagram.

:) Dana
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