Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Weigh In

Most of us have a collection of one thing or another. And while one object in and of itself may not be so special, when it comes to collecting, there is power in numbers. This can be problematic for me because at heart I am a minimalist and thrive in an ordered environment. Although I have amassed several collections, I have to be quite selective with my choices. I edit ferociously when it comes to display. I like for collections to be featured so that they take center stage, like an actor in a play awaiting their debut.

When it comes to collections, I'm particularly fond of all things industrial like these vintage scales. Let's weigh in on a few of my favorites, acquired from various antique stores and flea markets (they ranged in cost from $5.00 - $20.00).

I think each scale is unique, unlike so many of the mass produced accessories you might find in a retail store.

To me, this collection is not merely a grouping of things, but has artistic value.

These scales also make a strong design statement lined up on a mantel or shelf.

This beautifully rusted scale has such a rich patina.

A divergence from my typical black/cream palette, I fell for this muted green scale.

So RETRO and I actually use this one for measurements in cooking!

Collections are as varied as the collectors themselves. And I've found that over time, I often develop a liking for something different. With my minimalist personality, I'm okay with enjoying a collection for awhile and then letting it go for someone else to take pleasure in ~ but for now, my fancy and accumulation of vintage scales weighs in as one of my favorites.


  1. I love these! My fav is the muted green scale with the wonky top! Your ability to edit is amazing! XO!

  2. very cool.. Dana we have an old kitchen cabinet that I restored or rather remodeled about 25 years ago.. It has 4 cabinet doors at the top and a Tambour role up storage area above the slide out porcelain counter top. It was originally painted an institutional gray and white but had been painted a second time in a canary yellow. When we found it the cabinet had been sitting in a damp basement fot years and had some water damage but was mostly in sound shape.. when I stripped it I found that it was primarily made of Maple and or Birch so after a couple months of work it is not a natural wood color and has followed us to 3 different houses and sits in my office today.. I love these old cabinets.. I really like your scale collection too.. I've only had one and it was in bad shape so we passed it on some time ago. thanks for sharing.. Gary


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