Monday, March 17, 2014

Family Time

We slowed the pace around here last week when we had the wonderful surprise of all three boys being home.  Momma Bird is happy when all her chicks are in the nest.  Stepping back from the norm was a nice reprieve for us all.  We relished our time spent together lingering over meals ~ time to laugh and share and catch up on life. 

Nate, Gavin (our youngest who will be attending college this fall) and I did have to sneak off one day ~ for a couple of college visits.  Southern Methodist University was our first stop ~ isn't the ceiling of the Dallas Hall at SMU spectacular?

We also headed to Waco and toured Baylor University.  While making the Baylor stop ~ we took a break at Common Grounds for tea and coffee.  The lovely above was parked outside their fine establishment ~ so cool!

We also spent many hours at our favorite local bakery and coffee shop ~ find it here.  During our coffee breaks, Corbin made some time to do what he loves best ~ draw.  He is currently majoring in drawing and has the most unique style.  If you're interested in commissioning a work, you can contact him here.

One evening we braved a thunderstorm and took a drive up to Denton.  Denton is a wonderfully quaint town where Corbin is attending the University of North Texas.  After we enjoyed a delicious dinner here, we headed over to the town square.  Isn't it charming? 

Before our evening came to a close, we had the pleasure of spending a little time at Corbin's favorite hangout, Paschall's.  Once we stepped in the place, it seemed as if we took a step back in time.  

Feeling like the luckiest mom in the world ~ and so thankful to have had Gavin, Reagan and Corbin home for a few days.  By the way, just wondering if you can guess who the chalk art guy (above) is?  

Our week ended all too soon and today we resume our normal routines.  Before I go, here's a toast to you and to Saint Patrick's Day.  Maybe you can tell from the pic above, we're all about juicing these days.  Reagan led the charge in making this yummy green concoction.  I hope your Saint Patty's Day goes without a pinch!

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  1. LOVED this post, Dana! Enjoyed the pics, the family updates, particularly news of your handsome young men. Also, had an appreciation for the walk down memory lane for me with your North Texas mention. My parents graduated from North Texas and Daddy completed his Master's over the summers when I was small and Stephen was a baby. It was the sixties and and it was full of beatniks then hippies; a rich, crazy time. Mom would take us on long walks with baby Stephen in the carriage (pram-style) and there'd always be live music on all the walkways and people reading their poetry to the beat. Cuh-razy cats! It's probably hard to picture my mom like she was back then, but Count Basie used to come play regularly at North Texas because it was the only university in Texas that would teach jazz, and I remember mom getting us one of his albums and we'd listen endlessly. She bought me my first album that day, too: The Monkees!

    And, of course, who wouldn't know Hemmingway? I've got all his works, though I've got a bit different opinion of him now than I did in my twenties...

    Hope Nat conveyed how much your Tattered Style posts light up my Inbox! Keep 'em comin', girl! Proud of you!

    1. Hi Carla ~ thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I LOVE your story and am honored that you would share it with me. I took in all the details and envisioned your mom, you and Stephen taking a walk on a lazy afternoon. What an experience to have witnessed artistry of the day ~ and how cool was it that your mom made the effort to enrich your lives with the arts! And by the way, I was in love with the Monkees too!

      Nat did share with me your kind remarks. Please know it means the world to me to know that what I do on Tattered Style does indeed make an impact on others.

      Love to you friend. XO ~ Dana


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