Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Before and After ~ Knoll Chair

It's long been a dream of mine to own an original Knoll piece of furniture.  But as we all know, they are so dang expensive.  When I attended Dwell With Dignity's Thrift Studio last fall, I was thrilled to find this vintage Knoll chair ~ with nameplate intact. 


Obviously, the chair needed a makeover.  

With the addition of this lovely faux white leather fabric. I think the Knoll chair has been returned to it's former glory.  I'm happy as a clam to have it sitting in my home.

I hope today you're feeling happy too!  What treasure has brought some joy into your world lately?

XO ~ Dana


  1. Awesome, cuz. U may go 2 my wall & c some décor Ive done w/ minimum expense. However, the real joy is what Donna Madden did 4 me on my first floor after a water leak. I'll have 2 take some pics 2 show u.

    1. Okay Miss Anonymous ~ which cousin is this? I would love to go to your FB wall and see the decor you've done. Please identify yourself ~ I can't stand the suspense.

      :) Dana

  2. did you do the reupholstery, Dana? looks great

    1. Thanks Donna. I only wish I could say I had done the upholstering. I've done some ~ but not this piece. It was out of my league. :)


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