Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sleepy's On The Move

Sleepy recently changed locations for two reasons ~ 1) He creeped my son, Corbin, out when he was home visiting and would wake up in the guestroom with Sleepy looming large over him and 2) I couldn't stand the thought of him being hidden in a back room any longer.  So, here he is front and center as you enter the foyer to my home.  Notice the cluster glass pendant light from West Elm ~ it feels light and airy in the space.

I also recently added these two wonderful 19th Century ridged zinc barrels ~ I found them here

I put my hubby's collection of walking sticks in one of the barrels ~ they all are pretty sentimental to him.  Just wondering ~ what are you collecting these days?  

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~ Dana


  1. We have a photograph we love of a priest walking through the mist in New Orleans. Freaks out all three of our girls. I can't wait to see who inherits it. Or for sure will end up in the estate sale. :) I asked Lynley if she wanted it for her first apartment. BIG no.

    1. The things we do that torment our kiddos...haha. I bet someday they will do the same for their kiddos. I would love to see the photograph of the priest. It's sure to be the first thing snatched up at the estate sale. :)

      XO ~ Dana


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