Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lula B's Lamp Find

Recently I was on a buying excursion for an office space I'm designing.  One of the many stops was to Lula B's in Dallas ~ definitely a favorite spot of mine if you are in search of one-of-a-kind incredible vintage pieces.  I spotted this retro cream colored beauty and thought it might be a nice option for a small desk lamp.  But after scouring the store, another lamp became the obvious purchase for my client.  However, I kept going back to this little light and alas ~ I couldn't help myself.  It was yearning to take up space in a dark little corner of my home ~ so here it happily resides. :)

 I love the combination of the clean swirly base with the textured lampshade.  The shade's leather whipstitch is like a cherry on top.

I combined the lamp with this wonderful vintage Swedish cow sign ~ I'll tell my you more about that in another post. I also incorporated some vintage Capiz shell trays into the arrangement ~ Nana bought these in China back in the early 80's.

Capri Blue ~ Volcano
To top off this little grouping, I added in my favorite candle of all time from Anthropologie.  The etched glass container alone is like a fine piece of jewelry to me and the scent ~ well words can't describe.  I remember smiling when a friend of Gavin's came over to visit and I had the candle burning.  He said "This house smells like love" ~ need I say more?  It's wonderful!

I think this charming vignette completes this corner in my home ~ it makes me happy every time I pass by.  I would love to hear about a favorite corner of your home. :)


  1. This lamp reminds me of a yummy soft-serve ice cream cone! Love it! I'm going to Anthro this week to get one of these candles!

  2. It does look like an ice cream cone doesn't it? It's only fitting that it would have a cherry on top ~ :) You'll love the candle. I'm quite enjoying Paris as well. XO


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