Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Carted Away...

Yet another great Brimfield find.  I love the authenticity of this old factory cart.  Again ~ one of those things I've been in search of for a long time ~ perfect with all its imperfections.  And ~ the vendor had already cleaned this one up by sandblasting it with baking soda (I guess that would be called bakingsodablasting!).
Yep ~ it went home to become an oversized coffee table in my sitting room.
Check out the iron wheels with the worn rubber edging...
Ample room for books, drinks or snacks ~ or lots of weary feet to rest on.  A winner in my book for sure!


  1. I'm so jealous! I totally love it!!

  2. I've just gotta know!! How did you get it here???????

  3. @The Hidden List ~ I just knew you would heart it! We need to find you one. XO

  4. @Bless Your Neighbor ~ a new friend was kind enough to "cart" it back to Texas for me ~ my heart was filled with gratitude!


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