Friday, April 22, 2011

Tattered Style ~ Penny's Way

This is Penny ~ our recently adopted American Bulldog.  I introduced her in a previous post.

She's acting rather coy here ~ she's been engaging in quite a lot of mischievous behavior lately.

Don't let those innocent eyes deceive you.

She's eating our house.

She's eating the inside ~ the door frame that has my sons' growth chart on it ~ not a good thing Penny!

She's eating the outside ~ the door trim ~ window trim and shrubs.

She ate Gavin's hat ~ the one he got in Paris ~ his only souvenir from our trip ~ note the Penny hair all over it.  It had Penny slobber on it too ~

I contemplated giving her back ~ then realized she epitomizes Tattered Style to a tee ~ and she makes certain nothing in our house is perfect.  Good thing this came to mind or Penny's days in our household would be numbered.  :)

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  1. Oh Dana, this made me smile and I really needed
    to smile today....but ..... Penny may have had to
    be adopted because of her little previous deeds....:) Penny may need a special place
    and a long piece of maybe her own
    area....but ya know what tattered style...
    our family, nor our pets ever claimed to be
    perfect.....just love us like we are....

  2. Sandy, I'm glad Penny's antics made you smile! :) So true ~ none of us are perfect and all a little bit tattered ~ and all need a whole lot of grace for all of our imperfections ~ just like Penny.

  3. I love that sweet Penny! If she ever needs to take a vaca, just send her over to my house...

  4. I just may take you up on that someday Kelley!

  5. Dana, Penny is adorable! How could you not love that face! I guess she is a Lucky Penny to stay after that snack :)

    Great site too Dana, the photos and styling are great! Thank you for letting me know about it!

  6. Hey Amanda ~ I can you not love that face? She is a Lucky Penny though ~ because she continues to chew. :) I'm so glad you stopped by and it was nice chatting with you yesterday! FYI ~ I made several mentions and linked up to Anthro ~ they are in the following blogs: Organize, Lula B's Lamp Find, Anthropologie Inspired and That Old Chest in the Garge. Have a good day!

  7. I will check those out! I saw the Volcano candle! It was great talking with you too! I'm so glad you shared your blog with me. You have a good day too Dana!


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